Cannon Beach Gallery Group

The Cannon Beach Gallery Group puts on two annual arts events: Spring Unveiling Arts Festival in May, and Plein Air & More in June.  Both festivals have developed into two of the premier art events in the region.  The Gallery Group promotes and organizes the festivals, but what is the Gallery Group and what is its purpose?

In talking with several of the group’s founders, recollections vary but everyone agrees that the gallery community in Cannon Beach decided to band together to pool resources and efforts to promote the arts.  “I was along for the ride,” said Icefire Glassworks artist and business owner Jim Kingwell. “I saw this as a good opportunity for the galleries to work together in cooperation instead of competition.”  Realizing that combined resources had more potential to convey the art experience here, the founding galleries established a non-profit business association and the Cannon Beach Gallery Group was formed.  The group and its bylaws were recognized by the Internal Revenue Service in June of 2003 with sixteen original members.  Over the years Gallery Group members have come and gone, but a core group has been involved from the beginning.  Bronze Coast Gallery owner Kim Barnett says that the success of the group and its ability to put on premier events like Spring Unveiling is really a collective effort.  “Many people have contributed and been instrumental to our efforts,” he said.